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Pokerchips for Sublimation Imprinting

Bring the excitement of Vegas to your customers' home poker games! Our white double-sided chips are casino quality similar to the weight of chips used in casinos around the world. The weight, feel, and sound of these chips are second to none!

Custom sublimatable poker chips are a great gift idea for any corporate event- department and team bonus, quarterly awards, formal banquets, annual meetings, seasonal holidays- the list goes on and on. You can imprint any image, text or denomination to suit your needs. Remember these are not custom labels. Theses are the real deal permanently imprinted full color poker gems!

The white plastic composite disks are double-sided, weigh 10 grams each, and measure 1.5" diameter x .131" thick. 

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DyeTrans® Sublimatable Token or Poker Chip

DyeTrans® Sublimatable Token or Poker Chip, Plastic Composite Disk, White, Matte, 1.5" dia x .131", 10 grams, 2 sided. Uniquely suitable pokerchips for novelty applications: gaming, goods and services tokens, souvenirs, and promos.    Learn more

Dimensions: 1.5" x .131"
Weight: 0.02 lb
This item may be ordered in any quantity.

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$ 0.50 each - 1 to 24
$ 0.41 each - 25 to 99
$ 0.38 each - 100 to 399
$ 0.36 each - 400 to 999
$ 0.34 each - 1000 to 2499
$ 0.32 each - 2500 and up


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